All Good Things; Synopsis

Compatriots, it seems to follow its own algorithm of random timing but readers are writing to me for legal advice all at the same time. Yes they’ve read one or two books from my COS series and are asking for recommendations. But as you know, I advocate and promote DIY because I didn’t use a lawyer to file criminally and did everything myself… I also did include the instructions of what I did do. For more details, let me refer you to this article from COS4…. “All Good Things” I’m sure most of you read it, but here’s the gist for others…

This abbreviated synopsis of the original article is for those that don’t like to read a lot. It’s going to take some effort and determination. Luck maybe? Movement definitely and also action.

Many people write me wanting to know more details and so without telling my whole story again here it is.

One detail I didn’t elaborate on enough was that most of my targeting started out way before figuring it out; it was with strangers and suspected informer wannabes. When people parroted things to me I spoke in private they couldn’t possibly know, that was it. It was then that Law enforcement involvement drew my immediate suspicion. I didn’t think “mind reading,” – I thought listening devices and info-fed informers… Up to that point I didn’t know what or why this was going on. Suddenly it started to make sense to me. Don’t forget, I find most of these targeted suspects to be suspected victims too…

There was also some other weird stuff going on around me that when I pointed it out to others some were questioning me. Like that maybe I was imagining it. Now I knew, I had to separate what was real for me and what was coincidence before I filed a federal complaint. I left out all the meaningless incidentals which did happen but they had no relevance toward the purposes of my criminal complaint.

Of course reading the full article and how mine ended at:
usually gives people hope…

For me - the day I felt it all blew up I knew something strange was happening. I never wrote this before but; The low flying unmarked helicopter buzzing me all morning gave it away. So I decided to watch the CT news that night cause I knew something was up! “FBI raids the New Haven Police Dept. and make arrests.” Yes, that’s what the news said, and that’s part of how it ended. Now get this; Two uniformed New Haven PD narcotics cops were actually acting undercover CT State Police planted and working for the FBI the last two years. That was all in the CT papers too. This also exactly coincided with my initial complaint contact with the FBI. One hell of a twisted plot right? The biggest mystery of all was how they pulled that one off for so long. Other cops had to know – like the ones who ran the departments. How do you keep a secret like that?

That’s when they all stopped harassing me. “Boom” just like that; like a cut off valve.
Un-marked state police helicopter similar to the one I saw

Ok, but readers wanted to know how I went about presenting my case – what did I do and say? This was a long process beginning way before filing, from first deciding I had enough, then initiating. I read a lot because I wanted to do it right the first time.

I decided that “Acting Under the Color of Law” was it. This is a law that’s used when filing on law enforcement. “Conspiracy to violate my Constitutional and Civil Rights While Acting Under the Color of Law.” I obviously added the extra lingo. It is a little known and rarely used specific federal conspiracy law. US Code Title. 18 Section 241 and 242 which you can look-up easily. It just means that they committed these crimes while on duty. Using their badges as shields for cover. I chose to file this way because law enforcement was the easiest to prove since they usually document all their encounters with the public. Of course, this also meant not giving them justification. This does require proof and it was my confidence that I was already under surveillance that I was able to file this way.

Here below are the actual easy to find laws from the US Gov. I did all the work to save you all the time researching and cause I had to…

18 U.S. Code § 241 - Conspiracy against rights


18 U.S. Code § 242 - Deprivation of rights under color of law 


“That was pretty much it guys, but it was the big time…”

This abbreviated version after the fact is; I sense feds have subsequently, coincidentally but covertly saturated the area. Including what I believed to be a prior existing long surveillance around me. Since forever but intensifying about two days after the calls. During the next couple years and a long investigation, my town police department is planted with DoJ. Yeah, and there they weren’t hiding either since it was all publicized in state-wide media. They took over an office right inside our not-too-happy East Haven, CT police department headquarters staffed by FEDs… Many arrests resulted between the departments… including some dramatic city police arrests by FBI swat teams, right here! US Marshals, State Police and our own locals assisting. Blocking off entire neighborhoods; Very big, very public and very impressive! See, I’m not anti-law enforcement.

---Written by the author Robert Torres (2024)

Yeah guys, well once again, these are all true events that happened with me!







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